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Benjamin Franklin’s famous saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” may sound like an old cliché. But if we stop for a minute to think how we live our lives today we are going to figure out very quickly that these wise words carry a great truth: we are constantly dedicating time, effort and money to prevent bad things from happening to us.

For instance, we accept the idea that cars need quality fuel and periodic maintenance for long lasting performance. No doubt about it. The car’s wellness check up is not only necessary but it is also desirable, because it give us peace of mind and a sense of security.  No one with a sound mind would want to face an engine failure, a tire blowout or the danger of an accident. Just as with our mechanical belongings, our bodies and minds need proper maintenance in order to stay in good working condition.

Despite the fact that we are not made genetically perfect, our lifestyle plays a major role in what we become during our lifetime. There is an abundance of scientific research proving that poor diet, lack of exercise, use of tobacco, excessive alcohol and risky behavior increase the risk for developing diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, lung disease, heart disease and even causing premature death.  The good news is that these conditions can successfully improve, if and only if we make a decision to change the way we live.

Although there is no cure for certain diseases like high blood pressure (HBP) also named Hypertension, we can certainly manage our condition to keep our readings as close to normal levels as possible. Here is the how: by eating a healthier diet, reducing salt, exercising regularly, managing stress, quitting smoking, limiting consumption of alcohol and following your doctor’s recommendations carefully.

According to The American Heart Association over 20% of all people with HBP are symptomless and unaware of their condition.

Wellness is each one's individual responsibility. The word wellness implies action. Wellness will not be part of our lives unless we actively seek it.

Here is how Merriam-Webster dictionary defines WELLNESS: the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal <lifestyle that promotes wellness>

Why do some of us wait so long to make a decision to care for ourselves? Don’t we all agree that overall preventive maintenance is worthwhile? Why not to apply this same principle to our own lives and set it as a priority?

As clearly stated in the above definition, a plan of action is required from those who desire to stay healthy and those who have health goals like losing weight or quitting smoking. A good start is to pick up the phone right now and schedule your wellness visit. Choose a health care provider who will take the time to listen to your health concerns. Work together with your physician or nurse to make a customized health plan that targets your specific needs. Embrace the type of exercise you like the most. Stick with your plan and follow up as needed. It may be challenging, but quality living is rewarding.

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